Simple Solutions: Tips for Success: Daily Routine

daily routine

Simple Solutions workbooks have been used by thousands of teachers over the past 18 years with great success. And, as with anything, the level of success that is achieved directly relates to how well the Simple Solutions approach is implemented. Above all, we want you and your students to achieve the utmost success! Whether you are already a Simple Solutions educator who would like a refresher or you are just hearing about Simple Solutions for the first time, this blog is for you!

Getting Started with Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions workbooks are supplemental products that can easily be integrated into your existing program. The Simple Solutions approach combines three powerful, research-based strategies: retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving. As a result, students gain long-term retention.

In addition, each class set of books comes with teacher access to the S²TaR center. The S²TaR center contains teacher’s editions, resources, a worksheet generator, and digital quizzes.

Simple Solutions workbooks are available in Math, English, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Phonics, and Study Skills. For more information about each of these subjects, click on the books below.

Daily Routine

daily routine

Establishing a consistent daily routine is critical to the success of Simple Solutions in the classroom. Most Simple Solutions workbooks follow a one-week cycle. During a typical week, students complete one lesson each day (Monday-Thursday) and a quiz over the previous four lessons on the fifth day, Friday.

daily routine

You may be thinking . . . I never have a typical week! As former educators, we hear you! The Simple Solutions program was designed by teachers to be adaptable to many different types of learning environments while still providing daily consistency for students. So, what happens to the schedule if you have a day off or a crazy week? There are a couple of options. First, you can have students complete two lessons the day following your day off. So, the weekly schedule remains the same and the quiz can still occur on Friday. The second option would be to not assign a lesson on days off or atypical days. With this option, students complete four lessons and a quiz but not on the same days every week.

Try it this year for free! A small change to your daily routine can make a big difference.

See for yourself how the Simple Solutions Approach increases student understanding, boosts confidence, and leads to better grades and higher test scores. Teachers in grades 2–4 may sign up to use our materials for free. Be sure to submit your request and our staff will contact you to verify the grade and subject.

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