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Help Your Students Thrive with Our Reading Comprehension Books

Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension provides standards-based practice with informational text, fiction, writing, and English language skills. As a Lexile® Framework Partner, all our reading comprehension books are accompanied by a certified Lexile measure. Learn more about our proven strategies below, or reach out to our team for more information.

What’s Included with Our Reading Comprehension Books?

Our reading comprehension books are tailored to fit each grade level, with varying numbers of lessons and quizzes. All books include a pre/post-test, lessons comprised of 50% fiction and 50% nonfiction, and writing tasks to provide practice with evidence-based writing.

  • Kindergarten includes 63 lessons and 9 quizzes
  • Grade 1 includes 72 lessons and 12 quizzes
  • Grades 2-8 include 108 lessons and 18 quizzes

In addition to the lessons, quizzes, tests, and writing tasks, teachers also receive a year of access to the S²TaR center. This exclusive online resource includes Topic Guides, Help Pages, Suggestions for Success, and answers to daily review lessons. Teachers can also access digital or printable weekly quizzes. This website can integrate with your school’s preferred choice of the single sign-on method.

Digital Lesson Option

For schools that want to utilize their one-to-one technology, Simple Solutions also offers a digital option for Reading Comprehension, grades 3-5. This option includes all the features of the workbook in a digital format as well as full access to the S²TaR Center. Teachers assign daily lessons and students complete them online. Instant feedback is provided to students as each item in the lesson is completed. Teachers can also review student results and see standard alignment immediately. We provide a helpful online tutorial for using digital lessons so that moving from a workbook to an online book can be seamless.

Students Benefit from the Simple Solutions Method

For decades, the Simple Solutions approach has been setting students up for success. All our resources use three research-based and proven strategies—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—to facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts.

Retrieval Practice

Our reading comprehension books are specially designed to encourage students to continuously retrieve information from their memory. This repeated mental effort strengthens their neural pathways and makes it easier to recall information in the future.


The lessons in our books spread retrieval practice out over time. This method allows information to reach students’ long-term memory, facilitating a deeper understanding of the concepts.


Our materials take a different approach than the traditional massed (blocked) practice. Instead of focusing on one concept at a time, all our lessons revisit material that’s already been taught, and students have to decide which strategy they’ll use to solve each question.

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