Summer Solutions

Summer Solutions

Keep Students Sharp with Our Summer Workbook Solutions

During the summer months, students can lose nearly 40% of their total school year gains, which can greatly impact their ability to succeed in subsequent grade levels. Investing in our summer workbook solutions can help you reduce the effects of this summer learning loss. Learn more about our options below, or visit our dedicated Summer Solutions website here.


From our mathematics workbooks to our standards-based solutions, our math options can reinforce key concepts from their school year.


We offer reading comprehension workbooks, journals, and sight word flashcards to keep your students’ reading and writing skills sharp.


Our Standards-Based English and English workbooks are designed to help your students succeed for years to come.


Not practicing a language for an entire summer can drastically limit the road to fluency. Regularly working through our Spanish summer workbook solutions can help your child excel.

Study Skills

Establishing good study habits is crucial to your students’ ability to succeed in school. Working through our study skills workbooks can set them up for a lifetime of success.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a great skill to learn early on, and is crucial to your students’ success in the real world. Our problem solving workbooks are a fantastic way to teach key problem-solving concepts.

How Our Approach Works

Our summer workbook solutions use three time-tested, research-based strategies to help students retain information. These methods—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—help your students learn information quickly and store it in their long-term memory.

Retrieval Practice

All of our workbooks require students to repeatedly retrieve information from their memory. This mental effort strengthens their neural pathways, and makes it easier to recall information in the future.


Our lessons spread retrieval practice out over time, which encourages long-term retention. With repeated practice, students gain a deeper understanding of the material.


Instead of traditional massed (blocked) practice, we use a different approach. Our workbooks don’t teach one concept and move onto the next. Each lesson revisits material that’s already been taught; students must decide which strategy they’ll use to answer each question.

Start Using Our Summer Workbooks Today

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