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Boost Student Confidence and Test Scores with Simple Solutions School Workbooks

Used in conjunction with your state-specified curriculum, Simple Solutions workbooks can help students gain a deeper understanding of complex subjects. Research shows that the strategies we use can help strengthen student confidence, raise test scores, and prepare students for a lifetime of success. Learn more about our materials below, or reach out to our team with questions.

Why Use Simple Solutions?

For decades, our materials have been helping students succeed in the classroom. In addition to the workbooks, teachers will receive full-year access to our S²TaR Center, an online resource that makes the learning process more enjoyable. Within the center, teachers will have access to Topic Guides, Help Pages, Suggestions for Success, and answers to daily review lessons. Weekly quizzes, which can be printed or used in digital form, are also available.

How Our Approach Works

We use three time-tested, research-based methods to encourage long-term retention. All of our workbooks employ these strategies—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—to prepare students for a lifetime of success.

Retrieval Practice

Our workbooks require students to constantly retrieve previously learned material from memory, which strengthens their neural pathways. With repeated practice, students will be able to more easily recall information in the future.


With spacing, retrieval practice is spread out in small bits over time. This encourages students to systematically revisit and recall skills and concepts, which helps with long-term retention.


Traditional textbooks rely on massed (blocked) practice, but our workbooks are different. We employ an interleaving strategy; no two questions on the page are the same, which forces students to determine the correct method for answering each question.

Start Using Simple Solutions Today

Many schools often start out with one or two of our subjects then purchase more. When you purchase from us, you get access to our award-winning customer service team. Each purchase also comes with a free webinar training to help guarantee successful classroom implementation. Reach out to our team for more information.