Let’s Celebrate! It’s National Ice Cream Day!

National Ice Cream day is here!

I scream. You scream. We all scream for . . .Summer math activities!

No? Well, how about some math activities that involve ice cream? We all know that ice cream makes everything better . . . even summer math work! So grab a scoop of your favorite flavor, a pencil, and celebrate National Ice Cream Day by completing some ice cream-themed math activities!

Pre-K Downloads:

Ice Cream Memory/Matching Game

Cut out the number and ice cream cards on the dotted lines. Place cards face down and try to match the number card with the correct ice cream card. Whoever gets the most matches wins!

Grade 2/3 Download:

An Array of Ice Cream Worksheet

Kids can practice multiplying by using arrays. Download this worksheet to practice these early multiplication skills.

Grade 5 Download:

Fractions of Ice Cream Worksheet

Who would have guessed that there are so many math problems found in an ice cream shop! Practice adding and subtracting fractions with this ice cream-themed worksheet.

Summer Solutions Math Workbooks

Summer is a great time to reinforce childrens’ math skills. A few minutes of review each day will prevent weeks of frustration when they return to the classroom in the fall.

Looking for more great activities to reinforce your child’s academic skills over the summer? Summer Solutions can help! Summer Solutions math workbooks are available in grades K to 8 in both the Standards-Based and Original series. There is also a Pre-K Math workbook for students entering kindergarten in the fall. Click on the cover of each book to learn more and see sample pages.

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