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Help Your Students Understand Complex Topics with Our Homeschool Workbooks

Simple Solutions is the perfect companion to your existing curriculum. Our homeschool workbooks cover core material found in all curriculums and help your students gain a deeper understanding of individual topics. These workbooks are the same material sold to our school customers, ensuring your students are on the same level as their traditionally-schooled peers.

Why Use Simple Solutions?

Our workbooks use three research-based methods that help with long-term retention. These strategies—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—set students up for long-term success.

Retrieval Practice

When students complete one of our lessons, they must repeatedly retrieve information from memory, which strengthens their neural pathways. Over time, it will be easier for students to remember and recall this information.


We spread retrieval practice out over time to encourage students to systematically revisit and recall skills and concepts. This helps them store information in their long-term memory and be able to access the material again in the future.


Instead of massed (blocked) practice, we employ an interleaving approach. No two items on the page are the same, but they all revisit material students have already been taught. Students must decide which strategy is best for that particular question.

Bring Our Homeschool Workbooks to Your Students

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