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Spring Break Math

Jump into Spring Break!

Spring Break

Spring break is a time to relax, and enjoy the warmer weather. It is a time when you and your students can recharge, so when you return you are ready to tackle the last few months of school. Keep that spring feeling alive by using our fun frog-themed worksheets.

5th Grade Math

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This practice page encourages students to solve problems involving the multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers in a real-world context. Based on the Common Core standard 5.NF.6, problems on this page are very similar to the problems found in Simple Solutions Grade 5 Standards-Based Math books.

4th Grade Math

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This divisibility worksheet requires students to use the rules of divisibility to determine if a number is divisible by 4. It is a great way for students to practice the Common Core standard found in Orders & Algebraic Thinking. Students can practice this and other 4th grade standards in the Simple Solutions math books.

1st Grade Math

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This counting on worksheet contains problems that are similar to what can be found in our first-grade Standards-Based Simple Solutions books. It is a fun way for students to practice Common Core standards that are found in Operations & Algebraic Thinking.

Summer Solutions Math Workbooks

Now that spring break is over, are you looking for more great activities to reinforce your child’s academic skills over the summer? Summer Solutions can help! Summer Solutions math workbooks are available in grades K to 8 in both the Standards-Based and Original series. There is also a Pre-K Math workbook for students entering kindergarten in the fall. Click on the cover of each book to learn more and see sample pages.

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