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Simple Solutions

A Completely Different Approach!

Simple Solutions combines retrieval, spacing, and interleaving—three research-based strategies that ensure long-term retention. Experience the power of these strategies, risk-free! Use Simple Solutions and see the results for yourself!



A Summer Routine That Makes Everyone Happy!

“Summer Solutions is doable! They can just do a couple of pages a day and it’s an easy routine to get going and stick with.” Corinne Cartwright, parent What a year! You and your child made it through all the ups and downs, and you deserve all the summer fun you can handle! Scheduling a […]

Practice Study Skills This Summer!

For some middle school kids, taking a test is like facing a shark: super scary! One way to ease those fears is to practice test-taking strategies. Summer Solutions Study Skills books provide students with practice in test-taking skills such as notetaking, summarizing, interpreting visual information, outlining, and much more! Practicing these valuable skills during the summer will help […]