Simple Solutions

A Completely Different Approach!

Simple Solutions combines retrieval, spacing, and interleaving—three research-based strategies that ensure long-term retention. Experience the power of these strategies, risk-free! Use Simple Solutions and see the results for yourself!



They did the Monster Math!

October is here. To celebrate, we took three of our Simple Solutions Standards-Based Math sample pages and gave them a Monster Math makeover. Each lesson in the Simple Solutions Standards-Based Mathematics workbooks aligns with standards for Mathematics. These standards identify key ideas, understandings, and skills, and emphasize deep learning of mathematics concepts in each grade level. Long-term retention […]

Combatting Learning Loss with Simple Solutions

So, Simple Solutions is finally underway in your classroom. You’ve completed your Simple Solutions training webinar, read all the support blogs, and followed the program letter for letter. But, your students are still having difficulty completing their Simple Solutions lessons independently. You are not alone! Because of years of learning loss, lessons may be difficult […]