Enhance Long-Term Retention with English

Simple Solutions English addresses rules of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and the writing process, and strengthens reading skills. Using time-tested methods, these English workbooks promote a deep understanding of these concepts. Learn more about the workbooks below or reach out to our team with questions.

What’s Included with the Simple Solutions Workbooks?

For decades, teachers have been using Simple Solutions workbooks in conjunction with their state curriculum to help students gain a better understanding of complex concepts. The English workbooks feature 140 lessons, 35 quizzes (two versions), Help Pages, and a Pre/Post-test.

With the purchase of a classroom set, teachers also get access to the S²TaR Center, a unique online resource that further promotes student success. In the center, teachers can access Topic Guides, Help Pages, Suggestions for Success, and answers to daily review questions. Weekly quizzes, which can be printed or used in digital form, are also available.

Why Simple Solutions?

Our approach is time-tested and scientifically proven to enhance success in the classroom. We combine three research-based strategies—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—to promote long-term retention of each concept.

Retrieval Practice

Our lessons require students to continuously retrieve information from memory, which strengthens their neural pathways. With repeated practice, they’ll be able to easily recall information in the future.


Daily lessons and weekly quizzes allow students to retrieve previously learned material in small bits over time. This helps prevent forgetting and facilitates a deeper understanding of concepts.


Unlike other textbooks and workbooks that focus on massed (blocked) practice, Simple Solutions employs an interleaving strategy. All lessons revisit material that’s already been taught, and students must decide which strategy they’ll use to answer each question.

Bring Simple Solutions to Your Classroom

Our helpful team would love to discuss our classroom materials with you. Reach out to us here for samples and pricing.

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