Pre-K Language Arts

Foster a Deeper Understanding of Language Arts Concepts with Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions Pre-K Language Arts addresses well-established early learning and developmental standards for Language Arts. These Pre-K workbooks can be used as supplements during whole-class instruction, small group work, or aids in preparing students for independent work. Learn more about our workbooks below, or reach out to our team with questions.

What’s Included with these Workbooks?

Our Pre-K Language Arts workbooks are full-color and contain 108 lessons. When you purchase our workbooks, you also get one-year access to the S²TaR Center, an online resource that helps teachers foster a deep understanding of each concept. Here, teachers can access Topic Guides, Help Pages, Suggestions for Success, and answers to daily review questions. They can also access printable and digital versions of weekly quizzes. This website can integrate with your school’s choice of the single sign-on method.

Insight into Our Proven Method

For decades, we’ve been using three research-based strategies to help set students up for success. These methods—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—are at the heart of all of our workbook solutions.

Retrieval Practice

We’ve specifically designed our lessons to ensure students repeatedly retrieve information from their memory. It takes mental effort to do so, which strengthens their neural pathways and makes it easier for them to recall information in the future.


Our daily lessons contain previously learned material to help prevent forgetting. Over time, retrieving material in small bits ensures long-term retention.


Many traditional textbooks rely on traditional massed (blocked) practice, but our workbooks are different. Our solutions don’t just focus on one concept at a time. Rather, all lessons revisit material that’s already been taught, and students must decide which strategy they’ll use to solve the question.

Start Enhancing the Learning Process Today

Want to know more about bringing our Pre-K workbooks to your classroom? Reach out to our team for pricing, samples, and more.

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