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Teach Valuable Study Skills with Our Flexible Curriculum

At Simple Solutions, we recognize how important it is to help students learn study skills early on. That’s why we offer a flexible curriculum with Simple Solutions Study Skills.

What’s Included with Our Study Skills Workbooks?

This series presents important study skills and strategies to help students become more successful in all subjects. The workbooks include 72 lessons, 18 quizzes, Help Pages, and a Pre/Post-Test.

Why Simple Solutions?

All of our workbooks are specifically designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of study skills. Using three time-tested, research-based strategies, our materials set students up for a lifetime of success.

Retrieval Practice

Students must repeatedly retrieve information from memory when they complete one of our lessons. This requires them to exert mental effort, which strengthens their neural pathways. With practice, this will make it easier to recall information in the future.


We spread retrieval practice out over time, which ensures that students systematically revisit and recall skills and concepts. Students who use spacing over traditional massed practice benefit from long-term retention.


Instead of using traditional massed (blocked) practice, our approach is different. Our lessons provide a variety of topics, which are taken from material they’ve already learned. Students must evaluate the question and determine which strategy they’ll use to answer it. This helps with long-term retention.

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