Facilitate Student Success with a Time-Tested Supplemental Math Program

Simple Solutions Mathematics is a supplemental math program that’s been helping students succeed since 2002. Schools that use this program find that their students are able to complete Algebra I by the end of eighth grade. Learn more about this workbook below, or contact our team with questions.

How Does This Supplemental Math Program Work?

Teachers use this workbook in tandem with their state-specified curriculum to foster long-term memory of core mathematical principles. It includes 140 lessons, 35 quizzes (two versions), Help Pages (with a Spanish version available), and a pre/post-test.

Teachers will also receive a full year of access to the S²TaR Center, an exclusive online resource that helps enhance the learning experience. Here, teachers can access topic guides, help pages, suggestions for success, and answers to daily review lessons. Teachers can also give weekly quizzes online or on paper. This website can integrate with your school’s preferred choice of the single sign-on method.

How Our Approach Encourages Positive Outcomes

For more than two decades, the Simple Solutions Approach has been increasing success in the classroom. It combines three powerful, research-based strategies: retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving.

Retrieval Practice

When students complete our lessons, they must retrieve information from memory. The mental effort it takes to do this strengthens their neural pathways, and makes it easier to recall the information in the future.


The second strategy—spacing—spreads practice of concepts out over time. Students systematically revisit and recall skills and concepts, encouraging long-term retention.


Lastly, interleaving is a unique strategy that many textbooks are missing. Instead of relying on massed (blocked) practice of one repeated concept, students must decide which concepts to employ to solve each problem.

Ready to Implement Our Proven Process?

We’d love to connect to discuss which workbook is right for your students. Contact our team for pricing and samples.

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