Reinforce Key Science Concepts with Our Science Workbooks

Simple Solutions Science provides instruction in the form of mini teachings and is aligned with academic content standards common to most states. Perfect for kindergarten through eighth grade, this series supports mastery in four areas: Scientific Inquiry, Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Used in conjunction with your state-specified curriculum, our materials can help your students grasp and retain teachings associated with state science standards. Learn more about our series below, or contact our team with questions.

What’s Included with Our Workbooks?

Our science workbooks are tailored for each grade level and contain varying numbers of lessons and quizzes. Each grade level contains Help Pages and a Pre/Post-Test.

  • Kindergarten through grade 2 contains 72 lessons and 18 quizzes
  • Grades 3-8 contain 140 lessons and 35 quizzes

Teachers also gain access to the S²TaR Center, an online resource that enhances the learning experience. It contains Topic Guides, Help Pages, Suggestions for Success, and answers to daily review questions. Teachers can also access digital or printable weekly quizzes. This website can integrate with your school’s preferred choice of the single sign-on method.

Students Thrive Using the Simple Solutions Approach

All of our workbooks use three time-tested, research-based strategies that help students learn and retain complex concepts.

Retrieval Practice

Our lessons require students to continuously retrieve information from memory, strengthening their neural pathways. Over time, students will be able to more easily recall information.


Daily lessons and weekly quizzes allow students to retrieve previously learned material in small bits over time. This helps prevent forgetting and facilitates a deeper understanding of concepts.


Traditional textbooks and workbooks focus on massed (blocked) practice, but our approach is different. All of our lessons revisit material students have already learned, and they must decide which strategy they’ll use to answer each question.

Start Using Simple Solutions Today

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