Hear From Our Happy Customers

At Simple Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping our customers find the right workbooks for their needs. Hear what our customers have to say about working with us.

“Simple Solutions are worth their weight in gold. Every year since our school implemented Simple Solutions in Reading, Math, and Social Studies five years ago, we have seen great gains in conceptual knowledge among our students and continual strong growth on the state assessment. At the end of each school year, I survey my teachers as to the one resource they want for the next school year and 100% of my staff, without question, responds with “Simple Solutions.” I highly recommend Simple Solutions for any teacher, administrator, school, or district searching to have a major impact on student achievement.”

Josh Mounts, Principal
Baker Intermediate School
Clark County Public Schools
Winchester, KY

“We are reordering Simple Solutions! With budgets always being tight, I need to be very thoughtful when spending money on our supplemental materials. The results we saw using Simple Solutions made renewing our order a very easy decision. The classroom teachers in the lower grades found it to be a very useful tool for daily math practice. The spiral pattern of returning and reinforcing math concepts was extremely valuable for all students—from those with stronger skills to students who are struggling—to ensure retention and/or re-learning. The math teachers in the middle school used it as daily homework. They found students better able to do current work more efficiently and easily due to the refresher of math skills found in Simple Solutions.

This year we saw a significant improvement in our IOWA math scores for our lowest performing grade level and improvement overall in grades 3–7. We credit Simple Solutions as the added X-factor in making those gains. More importantly, we saw progress in the overall comprehension and retention of math facts and functions for our students because of their daily use of Simple Solutions.”

Anne Hartman, Principal
Christ the King Regional School
Haddonfield, NJ

“I find the program to be valuable and I love how it continuously exposes the students to a variety of standards. The repetition is helping them grasp the skills. I feel better about covering all the standards in a timely manner this school year due to Simple Solutions. Finally, I love the worksheet generator. I have created several reinforcement worksheets for both my math groups. The online portion of the program is very easy to navigate.”

Lori Prohaska, Teacher
Grindstone Elementary School
Berea, OH

“Dulles Elementary School has been using Simple Solutions Reading and Math for all grades, K through 5. We love that this program reviews previous grade standards while reinforcing the current year’s skills. Our student achievement has improved significantly, and we were recognized by the state with the California Gold Ribbon Award for 2016!”

Robin Padget, Principal
Dulles Elementary School
La Mirada, CA

“I teach 5th grade and have been using Math Simple Solutions for eight years. I really like using it as an additional resource in my classroom on a daily basis. It is an asset to my classroom because it is a spiraled curriculum. Using Simple Solutions Math is a great way to front load upcoming content as well as a daily review. It is very user friendly and the “Help” pages in the back are kid friendly. I like that each question identifies the standard being covered. The online resources are great. I like being able to develop additional practice problems and have them designed to a specific standard. Simple Solutions Math is one resource that I must have in my classroom every year.“

Amy Green, Teacher
Baker Intermediate School
Clark County Public Schools
Winchester, KY

“We have used Simple Solutions at Serra Catholic School for the past six years. In the first year we saw significant improvement overall in standardized test math scores. We are now using Simple Solutions math, grammar and mechanics, and social studies. We have seen a lot of success with new students to our school. Simple Solutions helps them if there are any gaps in skills. There are many questions that require critical thinking skills. When the teachers review these solutions, it helps train students to think critically. We cannot imagine not using Simple Solutions now that it has become an integral part of our curriculum. We recommend it to any school that would like to see their students excel. WE LOVE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS!!!”

Mrs. Carol Reiss, Principal
St. Junipero Serra Catholic School
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
2009 Blue Ribbon School

“Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension has become a vital part of my teaching. We have been using the program for four years and I can see the positive impact that it has on student growth and performance every year. The color pictures and high interest stories make it enjoyable for students while the spiral reviews and challenging standards-driven questions make it perfect for teachers.”

Rachel Click, Teacher
Baker Intermediate School
Clark County Public Schools
Winchester, KY

“We are very pleased with Simple Solutions! Our math scores have greatly improved on the ITBS. Our school scored the highest of any of the other schools in our diocese. We use Simple Solutions for a class we call Math Computation. We had to adjust our daily schedule to accommodate this class, but it has been well worth it. The lessons are challenging and require accuracy and changes in thought processes for each problem. They prepare the students for testing because every problem is different instead of a whole page of the same concept, like their math homework. We also use Summer Solutions and that keeps the students sharp over summer break.”

Mrs. Mary Carol Nichelson, Principal
St. Mary Central School
Martins Ferry, OH
2010 Blue Ribbon School

“I think Simple Solutions is a great way to review concepts previously learned! My middle school students grew to appreciate the practice and we even had a competition during March (March Mathness)! We used Simple Solutions as a warm-up at the beginning of each class as well as homework each night. It was helpful for me to see what topics we needed to review that are important building blocks for future concepts.”

Emily Snipes, B.S.Ed., M.Ed.
St. John Neumann Regional Catholic School
Lilburn, GA
A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Since 1994

Simple Solutions Social Studies is a great match to the State Standards, and students like the way material is presented. Some students are overwhelmed by textbooks. But Simple Solutions gets to the point in short passages, which is more appealing to them. I also like the way individual lessons cover important topics, for example the history of Native Americans.”

Bush Elementary
London, KY
2015 Blue Ribbon School

“This is my 40th year as a math teacher. I have used many wonderful resources over the years and Simple Solutions is one of my favorites. Yes, we need to teach problem solving and higher order thinking skills, but children still need to repeatedly practice skills to master them. My students love your program. They have seen for themselves how just a few minutes each day can really make a difference. Customer service is always exceptional!”

Renee Hardage, Teacher
Our Lady of Lourdes
Catholic School
Hitchcock, TX

“Prior to retiring as Principal, our school implemented Simple Solutions as an additional resource to our math curriculum. The number of third through fifth grade students meeting proficiency—according to our state test (KPREP)—has increased from 60% to 84%. Not only has our school been ranked in the top 10% of all elementary schools, we have also been named a National Blue Ribbon School. We feel one of the leading factors in this jump was Simple Solutions. The strategy of spiraling has allowed our students to master all the concepts they need to be successful. I believed in the Simple Solutions products and approach so strongly that now I work with this company to help spread the word!”

Lisa Sibert, Former Principal
Bush Elementary
London, KY
2015 Blue Ribbon School

Thank you so much for your OUTSTANDING customer service! Watching your company expand and grow has been very exciting. My compliments to you and all the staff on your continued commitment to putting the customer first! It is so nice to see a company that has grown yet maintains a staff who is always exceptionally courteous, and customer-focused.

St. Angela’s has been blessed to be a part of your ongoing commitment to provide the tools students need to succeed. I wish you only continued success, as you work to meet the needs of all students today and into the future.”

Kathy Bryda, Auxiliary Secretary
St. Angela Merici School
Fairview Park, OH

“Our students just took the mid-year math assessment. What is so awesome about this is the number of kids who’ve met their annual growth goal by mid-year. Geometry is a challenge because it’s normally the last unit we try to force in before testing. But, since they’ve been working on different concepts in geometry the entire year, they’ve already mastered a lot of these skills. Just another piece of evidence that supports the effectiveness of the Simple Solutions program.”

Holly Flesher, Teacher
Riley Elementary
New Castle, IN