Facilitate Student Success with Phonics Workbooks

Simple Solutions Phonics supports the development of reading fluency through distributed practice of the use of phonemes, syllables, and words. Used in conjunction with your state-specified curriculum, our phonics workbooks help your students gain mastery of letters, words, and the fundamentals of reading. Learn more about our materials below, or reach out to our team with questions.

What’s Included with Our Phonics Workbooks?

The kindergarten and first grade workbooks include 108 lessons. Second and third grade workbooks feature 108 lessons, 27 quizzes, Help Pages, and a Pre/Post-Test. Teachers also get access to a full year of the S²TaR Center, an online resource that improves the learning experience. In the center, teachers can access Topic Guides, Help Pages, Suggestions for Success, and answers to daily review lessons. Weekly quizzes, which can be printed or used in digital form, are also available. This website can integrate with your school’s preferred choice of the single sign-on method.

How the Simple Solutions Approach Facilitates Student Success

Our workbooks use three time-tested, research-based strategies to help students gain a deeper understanding of concepts. These methods—retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving—prepare students for future success.

Retrieval Practice

When students complete one of our lessons, they have to repeatedly retrieve information from their memory, which strengthens their neural pathways. Over time, this mental exertion will make it easier to recall information in the future.


Our approach spreads retrieval practice out over time. Students systematically revisit and recall concepts which increases long-term retention.


Other educational materials rely on massed (blocked) practice, but our workbooks are different. All of our lessons revisit material that’s already been taught; students must use critical thinking skills to determine which strategy they should use to answer each question.

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