It seems like yesterday the big, yellow school bus pulled up in front of our house, and my twin girls climbed up those gigantic bus steps with their tiny, little legs for their first day of kindergarten. Each day across the country, bus drivers are responsible for transporting kids to and from school in a safe and timely manner. We are so grateful to these hometown heroes for their dedication and commitment to keeping children safe.

Summer Solutions wants to help you celebrate the amazing bus drivers in your life. Show some love on May 3rd – School Bus Driver’s Day! Write a thank you note. Color a thank you picture. Make an appreciation book. Below, you will find some fun downloads to help you get started.

Spread a little joy by giving a shout out to these superheroes who brave the school drop off and pick up line each day. Be sure to take a picture of your kids thanking their amazing bus drivers and share them in the comment section or on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.


Click on the images to download and print the files.

Color a thank you picture.

Create a thank you book with your friends, parents, or siblings.

A heartfelt thank you note is always appreciated!

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