Learning A Foreign Language: Don’t Wait!

Have you considered having your child learn a foreign language? Now is the time! According to Lead with Languages, “it’s never too early to begin learning a language: it’s fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime.” Here are some advantages to having your child learn a foreign language:

  • Gives Your Child A Head Start Children are like sponges when it comes to learning a new language. Studies show that the best time for a child to learn a new language is between the ages of six and thirteen.
  • Boosts Academic Achievement Overall, learning a second language improves reading, writing, and math skills and increases standardized test scores.
  • Develops Cultural Sensitivity  Exposing your child to other languages helps foster an interest, empathy, and tolerance for other cultures.
  • Improves Creativity & Mental Flexibility Learning a second language also improves problem solving, listening, memory, and concentration skills.

Spanish is a great place to start.

So, you’ve decided that you would like your child to learn a new language. Which language should you choose? Spanish is a great place to start because it is the second most spoken language in the United States and the world. We are connected globally in a way we never have been before. Learning Spanish offers your child a unique advantage to easily communicate and connect with more people around the world.

Learning Spanish has some pretty amazing benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Summer is the perfect time for your child to either begin learning Spanish or continue improving on what they have been studying in school. Summer Solutions Spanish Review books are meant to reinforce Spanish to students who have had a basic introduction to the language. Both Spanish Review 4 and Spanish Review 5 will help students build vocabulary and skills for a solid foundation in Spanish.

Get started by downloading the fun Spanish activities below!

Click on the Summer Solutions Spanish Review workbooks to view samples.

foreign languag
foreign language

Fun and free downloads to practice at home!

Spanish Word Scramble

Learn the Spanish names of animals! Unscramble the letters in the box and write the correct answer on the line. An answer key is included to help you if you are just starting out.

Spanish Car Bingo!

Practice your number, color, and other Spanish vocabulary words while you are driving to and from activities. There are five different color cards to make sure no one gets BINGO at the same time!

Summer Solutions provides the necessary review and practice that allows students to retain important math, reading, language arts, and Spanish skills not only over the summer break but also for a lifetime. Order Summer Solutions workbooks for your kids today!

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