Thank You!

Thank You I drive my son to school every morning.  As we turn into the school entrance I am greeted by the kindest school crossing guard I have ever seen.  No matter the temperature or weather condition, he stands there smiling, talking to the middle school kids and waving at the parents that drive by.  Those few minutes of my day are my favorite.  With just a smile and a wave, he makes me feel as if he is happy to see me.  I have even witnessed him making a tired pre-teen smile on an especially dark and rainy day, a difficult task for anyone!  In a world where the news reports about schools are not always positive, this sentry makes me feel a sense of peace.  I know I cannot control what happens inside the school walls, but if the crossing guard cares for the people he sees every day, then I have comfort in knowing that my son is in an environment where he is protected.

To prepare for the end of the school year, we have created stationery for students to write Thank You notes to all of the people that they interact with daily.  These crossing guards, nurses, bus drivers, and car pool parents not only hand out ice packs and get students to and from school safely, they watch over and care for them.  A simple thank you will let these special people know they are appreciated.  Enjoy these last few weeks of school.  Summer will be here soon!

nurse car-pool bus crossing-guard


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