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Many of us at Simple Solutions are products of Catholic education. In fact, our company president was a Catholic school teacher for 23 years. We currently work with almost 20% of the Catholic schools in the United States and almost one-third of those are Blue Ribbon Schools. Schools often see increases of 10 to 25 percent in their standardized test scores in the first year of using Simple Solutions Workbooks.

We would like to extend our Free Pilot offer to Catholic Schools throughout the country. This offer includes a free Simple Solutions subject for a class, and/or grade level, for an entire school year. Most of the schools that have joined our Simple Solutions family started just like this. Please fill out the Free Pilot Offer below and a consultant will contact you to complete the application process.


"We have used Simple Solutions at Serra Catholic School for the past 6 years. In the first year we saw significant improvement overall in standardized test math scores. We are now using Simple Solutions math, grammar and mechanics and social studies. We have seen a lot of success with new students to our school. Simple Solutions helps them if there are any gaps in skills. There are many questions that require critical thinking skills. When the teacher-review these solutions, it helps train students to think critically. We cannot imagine not using Simple Solutions now that it has become an integral part of our curriculum. We recommend it to any school that would like to see their students excel. WE LOVE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS!!!"

Mrs. Carol Reiss, Principal
St. Junipero Serra Catholic School, 2009 Blue Ribbon School
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
"I had to write to tell you that you were right-- my IOWA test scores for Math Computation improved from the 53rd percentile in 2015 to the 79th percentile this year. I desired growth of 7 percentiles and you laughed and said that it would be a lot more than that! These results have made me a believer in Simple Solutions for Math! Thank you for allowing me to pilot this year for I will be a customer next year."

Kim Kringe, Teacher
Trinity Academy
Shenandoah, PA
"I looked at a number of different supplemental programs and was sold on the fact that a Catholic School teacher (for 20 years) saw that kids needed more practice to be successful in math. We first implemented Simple Solutions in 2008 and our math scores on the Iowa (ITBS) standardized tests have gone up every year since. Even students who transfer in from public schools and are not as advanced in math increase their scores after a year."

Michael E. Pennell, MA, PhD, Principal
Prince of Peace Catholic School, 2014 Blue Ribbon School
Taylors, SC
"Our ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) results just came, and I compared students as they moved from last year to this year: Our scores AVERAGED a 17.5 gain in computation skills after using Simple Solutions! The improvements far exceeded my expectations!! I cannot wait to see the growth next year after using the program for an entire school year!"

Dr. Linda Wiley, Principal
Holy Trinity School
San Pedro, CA
"Simple Solutions has completely transformed our 1st-8th grade math program. In just the first year of implementing Simple Solutions, this 5th grade pilot group of students scored well above the national average in every area for math on their Spring assessment. This supplement focuses on a spiral learning of foundation math concepts, which allows students to gain understanding and mastery of the material. More importantly, Simple Solutions provides the practice students need in order to retain the information learned in their long-term memory for later recall. For this reason, Simple Solutions significantly increases test scores and student learning. I would highly recommend this program to any school."

Mrs. Vanessa Halliday, Assistant Principal
St. Angela Merici Parish School
Brea, CA
We are very pleased with Simple Solutions! Our math scores have greatly improved on the ITBS. Our school scored the highest of any of the other schools in our diocese. We use Simple Solutions for a class we call Math Computation. We had to adjust our daily schedule to accommodate this class, but it has been well worth it. The lessons are challenging and require accuracy and changes in thought processes for each problem. They prepare the students for testing because every problem is different instead of a whole page of the same concept like their math homework. We also use Summer Solutions and that keeps the students sharp over summer break.

Mrs. Mary Carol Nichelson, Principal
St. Mary Central School, 2010 Blue Ribbon School
Martins Ferry, OH
"Using Simple Solutions gave my students confidence that they can do math, and they can explore how to solve a problem that they haven't seen before. By constantly revisiting math concepts, my students are better able to explain and demonstrate their understanding. They have a better foundation; they even mastered some of the skills before I formally presented them. "

Tina Keller, Assistant Principal
St. Michael School,
Worthington, Ohio

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