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Study Skills

Developing excellent study skills and habits helps to increase student self confidence, makes learning easier, and gives students many of the tools they need to succeed in life. Simple Solutions Study Skills presents the strategies and provides the distributed practice that allows students to retain valuable study skills for a lifetime.  Simple Solutions Study Skills is a mini-series (72 lessons), so it easily fits into the language arts block, or it can be used to teach a semester course. The series is available for grades four through eight.

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  • Levels 4 through 8
  • Aligned with Academic Content Standards common to most states
  • 72 lessons, 18 quizzes, and Pre-/Post-Test
  • Complete Help Pages in Student Edition
  • $9.75 each for student edition (sold in class sets); Electronic Teachers' Edition is complimentary with purchase.


Click on a level to view sample lessons, help pages, and topic guides.

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