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Social Studies

Building background knowledge helps to increase reading comprehension and accelerates a student’s ability to learn even more. Simple Solutions Social Studies supports the acquisition of background knowledge in five areas: History, Geography, Economics, Government, and Citizenship. It provides instruction in the form of mini-teachings paired with distributed practice for long-term retention. The series spans grades 2 through 8.

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  • Levels 2 through 8
  • Aligned with Academic Content Standards common to most states
  • 140 lessons, 35 weekly quizzes, and Pre-/Post-Test (Levels 2 - 3 have 72 lessons and 18 quizzes)
  • Complete Help Pages in Student Edition
  • Web-based Curriculum eSources including valuable websites, games, and classroom activities
  • $13.75 each for student edition (sold in class sets); Electronic Teachers' Edition is complimentary with purchase.


Click on a level to view sample lessons, help pages, and topic guides.

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