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This Simple Solutions series aligns with Common Core State Standards for Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, and English Language. As recommended by the CCSS, the student book contains a 50/50 ratio of literary and informational text. Each passage is accompanied by a certified Lexile measure.

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  • Levels 1 through Middle School
  • All items are coded to show alignment with the Common Core State Standards. This includes lessons, quizzes, and the pre/post tests, as well as writing tasks. The student edition contains 108 lessons and 18 quizzes.
  • Common Core aligned Writing Tasks provide practice with evidence-based writing. Complete lesson plans and student handouts are included in the Teacher's Edition. Writing tasks include pre-writing activities and address argument/opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing.
  • Only $13.75 each for student editions (sold in class sets); Electronic Teacher's Edition is complimentary with purchase.
  • Simple Solutions curriculum eSources provide additional activities for classroom and/or independent work. These resources include graphic organizers and vocabulary worksheets, puzzles, and games. Many are designed to be used as white board activities.


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