Flag Day is on June 14th.  It is a day for us to be reminded of how important this symbol of our country is.  Here are some fun and free ways for you to Experience, Enrich and Extend what you already know about the American Flag.

Use the web pages to read about the history of the American Flag.  We have found this page to be especially useful.  Use what you have learned to answer the questions on the worksheet.


The American Flag is a symbol of our country.  It reminds us of what our founding fathers did to help our country grow strong and proud.  Use what you know about the American Flag to create your own flag using construction paper, crayons, markers, or whatever craft supplies you have around.  You can even download the attached flag outline and color it.  Have your flag describe you.  Be creative! Use your favorite colors, shapes, and symbols when making your flag.  Hang it in a special area of your room.   When you are done, use the worksheet to create an information sheet about your flag.  Write a pledge, give it nicknames, and describe what the colors stand for.



Here are some other great places to learn about the American Flag:


So go out there and show your American Pride!  Send us some pictures of your favorite flag crafts to blog@simplesolutions.org.  Stars and Stripes forever!