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Simple Solutions NextGen Science 3 supports teaching with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) by providing informational text and practice items that closely correspond to the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) for Grade 3. Like all Simple Solutions books, Science 3 provides distributed practice, the most effective means for increasing long-term retention.

What are Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs)?
According to the writers of the NGSS, Disciplinary Core Ideas are “the fundamental ideas necessary for understanding a given science discipline.” Eleven essential ideas are arranged under three disciplines: Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth & Space Science.

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  • Supports Disciplinary Core Ideas addressed in NGSS Grade 3
  • 108 Lessons, 22 quizzes, and Pre-/Post-Test
  • Complete glossary in the back of each Student Edition
  • Lexile® measure corresponds with Grade 3 reading levels
  • Can be used in conjunction with any science text, kit, or instructional materials
  • Suitable for independent work, partner/group work, or as part of whole-class instruction
  • Web-based eSources (websites) provide additional practice and support
  • Student Editions are $13.75 each and sold in class sets; complimentary electronic Teacher Editions and Curriculum eSources are included


Click on a level to view sample lessons, help pages, and topic guides.

NextGen Science

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