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Common Core Mathematics

Simple Solutions Common Core Math aligns with the Common Core State Standards at every grade level. The Standards identify key ideas, understandings, and skills and emphasize deep learning of concepts. While fewer topics are presented at each grade level, the expectation is that students will fully master and retain the skills and concepts. Long-term retention is the goal of daily-distributed practice as provided by the Simple Solutions Approach.

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  • Grades Pre-K through 8
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards. Each lesson offers practice of current grade level standards, as well as standards-based material from previous grade levels.
  • Lesson items and quiz items are coded to match the CCSS. There are 140 lessons, 35 weekly quizzes (two versions of each), and a Pre-/Post-Test.
  • Complete Help Pages are included in each student edition.
  • Only $13.75 each for student editions (sold in class sets); Electronic Teachers' Edition is complimentary with purchase.
  • Simple Solutions Curriculum eSources include Common Core Unwrapped pages and web links that offer teaching support and additional practice with the standards.


Click on a level to view sample lessons, help pages, and topic guides.

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