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Simple Solutions books are sold in class sets. What constitutes a class set?
A class set is the number of books needed so that each child in the class has a book. Simple Solutions student editions are consumable, and no part of the book may be reproduced in any way. A complimentary Digital Teacher’s Edition and Curriculum Resources (for most series) are provided with the purchase of a class set.  Contact Simple Solutions for more details.

What is the cost for Simple Solutions books?
Most Simple Solutions books are $13.75 each plus shipping & handling fees.  Simple Solutions Study Skills books are $9.75 and Simple Solutions Phonics books are $10.75 each.

What is the shipping & handling fee?
Shipping & handling fees are 10% of the total cost. The minimum charge for shipping & handling is $8.00.

Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes. Simple Solutions accepts purchase orders. Payment can be made by credit card or school/district checks. Contact Simple Solutions to place an order, to obtain a price quote, or to receive assistance with your order.

How do I choose the level of Simple Solutions that is best for my students?
For Simple Solutions Common Core Math (and most other series), choose the level that matches the students’ grade level. For example, a typical 6th grader should use the Grade 6 book.*

For Simple Solutions Original Math grades K – 4, choose the level that matches the students’ grade level. Choose Intermediate A for typical 5th graders, Intermediate B for typical 6th graders, Pre-Algebra for typical 7th graders, and Algebra I, Part A for typical 8th graders. For accelerated programs, or programs in which the students will complete Algebra I by the end of 8th grade, skip Intermediate A. Use Intermediate B for 5th graders, Pre-Algebra for 6th graders, Algebra I, Part A for 7th graders, and Algebra I, Part B for 8th graders.

*For students with special needs, use a Quick Assessment or call us.

A consultant will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate Level of Simple Solutions for your students.

How does the option to accelerate students work?
This recommendation is for Simple Solutions Original Math only. Beginning in grade 5, students may be accelerated with the goal of completing the full Algebra I course by the end of 8th grade. To do this, students use Intermediate B in 5th grade, Pre-Algebra in 6th grade, Algebra I, Part A in 7th grade, and Algebra I, Part B in 8th grade.

Note: Students with special needs should be tested to determine the level of
Simple Solutions that is most appropriate for them.

Can Simple Solutions be used in special education classes?
Yes.  Simple Solutions allows the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of users, including exceptional learners. Simple Solutions accepts special orders to accommodate multiple levels within a single class. Special education teachers are encouraged to pre-assess students before placing an order. To request free copies of a Simple Solutions Quick Assessment or to receive help with an order, contact Simple Solutions.

What is a Simple Solutions Quick Assessment?
The Simple Solutions Quick Assessment is a curriculum-based measure, designed to help determine the most appropriate starting level of Simple Solutions for any student. Quick Assessments are available for Math, English Grammar & Writing Mechanics, Science, and Social Studies. Choosing the level of Simple Solutions that is most appropriate for each student enables special education teachers to adapt instruction to students’ specific needs. Quick Assessments are provided free of charge and by request. Contact Simple Solutions to ask for a Quick Assessment.

Can parents purchase single copies of Simple Solutions?
No. Simple Solutions is sold to schools only and in class sets only.

Can parents purchase Simple Solutions Teacher’s Editions?
No. The Teacher’s Editions are not for sale. Teacher’s Editions are available only to schools and only with the purchase of a class set of student editions.

What is included in a Simple Solutions Teacher’s Editions?
The Simple Solutions Electronic Teacher’s Edition contains instructions for implementation of the Simple Solutions Approach, the answer key for all student lessons, weekly quizzes and answer keys, a Pre-/Post- Test with answer key, and Help Pages. Selected books are also accompanied by access to web-based curriculum eSources, including classroom activities, websites, and additional material for review and practice.

Can I make copies of the workbook pages?
No. The copyright agreement for Simple Solutions books strictly prohibits any form of reproduction or transmittal of the student pages.

Can schools see samples of the workbooks before purchasing?
Yes. Digital examination copies are sent by request to school administrators and teachers. Contact Simple Solutions to make a request.

Is Simple Solutions research-based?
Over 100 years of research supports the validity of combining distributed practice with solid instruction to achieve long-term retention – this is the Simple Solutions Approach.
Simple Solutions offers a Free Pilot (or Test Drive) that provides a school with the opportunity to do its own research and experience the transformative nature of this approach with its own students. Teachers receive all materials, training, and support at no cost. They apply the strategy for a full academic year and draw conclusions based on their experience with Simple Solutions.

How do I purchase Summer Solutions books for my children?
The best and most cost-effective way to purchase Summer Solutions is through your child’s school. For participating schools, Simple Solutions can offer parents the option of free shipping, which amounts to a savings of at least $3 per book.

How can I purchase Summer Solutions for my children if this option is not offered through our school?
To purchase Summer Solutions, please visit our web store at www.SummerSolutions.net. Parents can purchase Summer Solutions anytime using VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. Shipping & handling fees will apply. If you would like help with your order or to pay by check, call us toll free at 877-382-7537.

What is the difference between Simple Solutions and Summer Solutions?
Summer Solutions books contain 30 lessons, along with an answer key and Help Pages. The lessons are meant to be done a few times per week over the 10-week summer break. Using Summer Solutions creates a seamless transition between grade levels because continuous review ensures retention of what was mastered at the grade level just completed.

Summer Solutions books utilize the same strategy that students use on a daily basis throughout the school year with Simple Solutions. However, anyone can use Summer Solutions books whether or not they have used Simple Solutions.

Does Simple Solutions allow returns on unopened items?
Yes. You may return new, unopened items for a full refund. Read the full returns policy here.

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