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Your Students, Your Classroom, and You!


I’ve been reading and collecting education research studies and reports about all kinds of topics, such as improving reading comprehension, raising math scores, teaching with games, best practices for preschool learning, and so on. But these many studies have limitations; that’s why the researchers usually call for replications and further studies.

One thing researchers consider is the extent to which outcomes can be generalized. Will the same thing happen when the treatment is applied to a different group of students? This is an important question. Teachers want to and are expected to base their practices on solid research. But student populations differ in significant ways. No two groups are exactly alike. That is why the classroom teacher is the most uniquely qualified “researcher” when it comes to judging the effectiveness of an instructional strategy with his or her own students.

A Research-Based Instructional Strategy You Can Implement for Free

Our strategy is the Simple Solutions Approach, a combination of solid instruction, daily distributed practice, and ongoing assessment. It saves valuable classroom time, builds student self-confidence, and most importantly, increases long-term retention.

What if your students could master—and retain—all the important concepts you teach? What if students were confident in their problem-solving ability and mastery of the English language?  What if you could significantly increase your students’ test scores by implementing this simple strategy? There’s one easy way to find out.

If you teach in an elementary school that has not used our products, you can gather your own data over the next school year. You can do this with your own students, in your own classroom—at no cost—with a Simple Solutions Free Trial. We provide all teacher and student materials, including a workbook for every student in your class (and every class at your grade level if your school chooses this). You’ll be able to use the materials and implement the strategy for an entire school year.

We recommend the “one-group pretest-posttest design.” Give the pretest, use Simple Solutions every day with all your students, and give the posttest near the end of the school year. We know you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to implement the strategy, how little time it takes for the daily routine, and how very much your students will improve their long-term retention.

Our free trial lets you see for yourself the power of the Simple Solutions Approach. Of course, if the strategy works for you, we hope you’ll consider using it in the future. But that is not a requirement. Ask our consultants to tell you about other schools in your city or state that are using Simple Solutions. Many of them probably started with the free trial.

The first quarter of school is the very best time to begin, so call us at 877-382-7537 and set up your free trial for the 2018-2019 school year.

About the author

Nancy Tondy

Nancy is a former elementary teacher and gifted intervention specialist. She joined Simple Solutions in 2005 as co-author of the original English Grammar & Writing Mechanics series, and today, she manages our Writing Team. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys cooking, movies, biking, and travel.

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