Worksheet Generator

Worksheet Generator

worksheet generator

Hi there, Simple Solutions math teachers! Have you checked out the Simple Solutions Worksheet Generator yet? If not, it is definitely worth your time to take a look. Plus, it is included with the purchase of your Simple Solutions math books!

The Worksheet Generator can create customized worksheets for review of those troublesome math problems your students struggle with, or maybe some of your students just need some extra practice. Some teachers even use the worksheets for assessment.


The worksheets are a helpful tool. You can customize each worksheet to meet the specific needs of your students. An answer key is always included, to make it easier for you. The worksheets are downloaded as a PDF file, which makes printing easy too.

Right now, it is available for Common Core Math levels 2-8 and Original Math levels 2-Algebra 1. If your school has not purchased Simple Solutions yet – no worries! You can simply see the S²Mart (Simple Solutions Mart) for a pricing guide.

Are you ready to start downloading worksheets?  Just log in to the S2TaR Center and go to the Worksheet Generator tab. It is that simple!


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