What’s the Buzz About Cicadas?

Updated May 2021

A cicada craze is taking hold at Simple Solutions! Why?  It happens somewhere almost every year, and this year it’s happening in our home state!

Any day now, the 17-year cicadas (Brood X) will most likely be arriving in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and a few other eastern states. (If you don’t live in any of these states, perhaps the cicadas visited you last year, or they will arrive in your home state within the next year or so.)

Whether you’re likely to see any cicadas this year or not, download these free activities, and use them for reading comprehension, science, writing, or math. 

Enjoy this free Cicada unit from Simple Solutions!

Click on the thumbnails to download the full worksheet.  You can use it to supplement reading, science, social studies, writing, and math lessons.

  • Magicicada, 2021: They’re Back! (passage suitable for students in grades 4-6)
  • Question Worksheet (with answers and CCSS codes)

Writing Prompts and Activities

Crossword Puzzle (for reviewing Tier II and Tier III vocabulary)

Math Problems

Links to some great resources we found while researching the unit:


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