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Using the slow cooker to help with Thanksgiving dinner

slow cooker

Let’s face it… using a slow cooker to make meals just makes life easier! Think about the best way to let it help you with preparing one of your biggest feasts of the year—Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Yes, you can make the turkey this way! First, it will depend on your slow cooker’s size and the size of turkey you want to serve, but you can indeed cook a whole turkey in a slow cooker. Doing a simple Google search for “slow cooker whole turkey recipes” will bring up a slew of recipes. We found one from Just A Pinch Recipes that sounds delish!


  • Think about your side dishes. Making at least one of your side dishes in a slow cooker can really save you some time, especially since most slow cooker recipes require very little prep. Check out these easy recommendations from Betty Crocker. Beware though, scanning through them will definitely make you hungry!


  • Believe it or not, there are plenty of desserts that can be made in a slow cooker. We actually found a crustless pumpkin pie recipe that’s amazing and super easy to make! Check it out on Recipes that Crock!


So, save your oven space for baking rolls and warming pre-made casseroles. No matter how much food you need to prepare, we’re pretty confident that putting your slow cooker to use will make your Thanksgiving dinner easier and a little more delicious!

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