Third Grade is a HOOT!

Third Grade

We were recently contacted on Pinterest by a lovely third grade teacher who saw our post about the 2nd Grade Common Core Math books.  She was specifically interested in seeing samples of our new 3rd grade Common Core Math books.  Unfortunately, Pinterest was not working properly and prevented us from replying to her comment, but we did not want to let that curb her excitement for the new book.  We are dedicating this post to 3rd grade teacher Melissa Larrisey so that we can answer her questions!


When trying to respond to your message, we ran across your blog and were thrilled to see all of the active learning experiences you provide for your class!  To answer your question, Simple Solutions 3rd Grade Common Core Math books can be reserved now.  Digital samples of all of the grade levels can be found on our web page—this includes samples of 3rd books.  Because your school is already a customer of Simple Solutions, it will be receiving a sample packet that includes the Simple Solutions 2nd Grade Common Core Math book, a Summer Solutions book and other goodies as seen in yesterday’s post.  It should be coming in the next two weeks.  Please look for it!

As a thank you for reaching out to us, we had our art editor create a fun math owl sheet for your class to use, we even put it in a SMART notebook file (download at the bottom of this post) for you to use on your new SMART board!  Feel free to take pictures of your little darlings and send them to us; we love to see our work being used in the classroom.  Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there is any way we can help you!

Simple Solutions

If you are a 3rd grade teacher, we really encourage you to go to Melissa’s blog: to get some great ideas for your classroom.  If you are a teacher who blogs, feel free to send us a link to yours! It is fun to get peeks inside classrooms!


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Lori L does many things here at Simple Solutions, including writing blogs and math problems. She has an Elementary Education degree from Cleveland State University and taught many grades during her 15 years at St. Paschal Baylon School in Ohio, the first school that ever used Simple Solutions. She and her husband have two amazing children. Her free time is spent watching Cleveland sports teams including the Cavs, Indians, and even the Browns.

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    Melissa Larrisey

    (November 25, 2012 - 1:48 PM)

    Thank you thank you thank you! Check out my Blog – I blogged about SS and how much I love the program! 🙂

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