Things to Look for During the 2017 Inauguration


Thousands of visitors from across the country will gather on January 20th in Washington, D.C. to see Donald J. Trump, the 45th United States President, sworn into office. The inauguration celebration will include a parade and a formal ball. In today’s world of technology, there are many opportunities to see this historic event live—either on TV or on a cell phone.

Explaining the event’s significance to students is especially important. The history of the inauguration dates back to George Washington. To make the event a little more exciting, why not give your students a few things to look for while watching?

Here are few ways to use the worksheet:

  • Assign each student a question. Have students report their answer after watching as a class or after having researched their question.
  • Use this worksheet as a guide for your in-class discussion after watching the inauguration. Students are responsible for recording the answers as they are discussed.
  • After the inauguration, have students do research to answer each of the questions (use computer lab time or assign as homework). Be sure to discuss the answers with the students since some questions may have more than one answer.



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