The Winter Olympics are Here!


It happens every four years. The magic and thrill of the Winter Olympics is why I can put my life on hold for two weeks to watch athletes with amazing skills and compelling backstories compete at the top of their sport! The Olympics have always had a hold over my heart.

Most students will be excited for this world event and enjoy the break from routine. There is a plethora of educational tie-ins, so you don’t have to feel like you are veering away from your curriculum.



This free worksheet combines math and language arts skills and gives students a chance to use research skills, too. Be aware that the activity can last throughout the games, depending on which event students choose. Or, you could have students choose athletes from multiple sports, as there are many events to choose from. Students could complete the worksheet more than once.



Decimals are in Order

The following are the Math Standards related to decimals that can be addressed with this activity.


You can also give your students extra practice with these standards and other math standards you may be working on with the Simple Solutions Worksheet Generator. Schools that use Simple Solutions have unlimited access to the Worksheet Generator. (It is located in the S2tar Center.) This handy tool allows teachers to meet the individual needs of every student. The Worksheet Generator is also available to parents and teachers who do not have access at school. Individuals can purchase credits through the S2 Mart and print their own worksheets.

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