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Thankful For Books

Thankful for Books

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and now is the time teachers use themed activities for their students. Attached is a language arts Thanksgiving activity.  This activity is versatile. Whether your students read long chapter books or short picture books, they will be able to use the characters they read about.

In this activity, students will invite their favorite literary character to a Thanksgiving feast.  Before the meal is served, the character will tell what they are thankful for.  Several variations are included in this activity.  Language Arts teachers have the freedom to make this a quick class activity or part of a larger project.  There is also a Social Studies version. Display these thankful characters in the hall for everyone to see.  Feel free to take pictures and send them to us at [email protected].  We would love to share some of your displays!


instructionssilhoette-book-character-feetspeech picture

Here is one class that used this activity!

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