Test-Taking Skills

 Practice test-taking skills this summer!


For some middle school kids, taking a test is as scary as facing a shark. One way to ease those fears is to practice test-taking strategies. Our Summer Solutions Study Skills books provide students with note-taking and test-taking strategies that will help them once school starts again in the fall.

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Download this sample lesson from our 6th grade Summer Solutions Study Skills book for your middle school child. It provides them with the opportunity to read a passage for context clues and to practice their test-taking skills—all while learning about great white sharks and megalodons!

Download HERE!

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Students can use the summer break to shore up their study skills and prepare for middle school and high school with this 30-lesson summer workbook. Summer Solutions Study Skills addresses these concepts, along with others, such as developing organizational skills, interpreting visual information in charts, graphs, and timelines, solving analogies, recognizing cause/effect, note taking with graphic organizers, outlining, and writing a report. By completing just one lesson three days a week, students enter the next grade ready to begin learning new material right away.

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Simple Solutions Math Worksheet Generator

The Worksheet Generator allows you to create and print customized worksheets. Parents can use as review, and practice. With thousands of items to choose from, you can tailor each 12-item worksheet to meet the specific needs of your students. Each worksheet comes with a corresponding answer key.

  • Focus on a single topic, or choose up to three topics per worksheet.
  • Select each math problem from a large list of items within a topic. Or, allow the generator to randomly select items for you, based on the topics you’ve chosen.

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