Digital Teacher Editions

The Teacher’s Editions are accessible to you anywhere you have an internet connection. This means on a tablet, cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

When you are successfully logged in, you will see the S²TaR Center home page. Select the Teacher Edition tab to view the teacher editions your school has purchased.

Important: When you select your subject and grade level, the TE itself will open in a new tab on your device or computer.

teacher editions

To navigate through the Teacher Edition, page by page, use the arrow tabs on the left and right of the screen. The tab at the bottom of the screen allows you to scroll through the book using thumbnails of the pages. Another option is to use the magnifying glass on the toolbar and type in a specific lesson or keyword.


Below is an enlarged image of the toolbar. From left to right:


  • The first icon accesses the Table of Contents.
  • The second icon allows you to print a single page or multiple pages.
  • The third icon is a magnifying glass; use this to do a keyword search.
  • The fourth icon allows you to manage your settings, such as the zoom and how many pages you can view at once.
  • The question mark is a help button that brings up a menu overlay with descriptions of other features.
  • The four-arrow icon takes you to a full screen viewing.
  • The four-square icon allows you to view thumbnails for a faster search method.


To access the Table of Contents, click on the button that has 3 dots and 3 lines (circled below). The Table of Contents will pop up. You can choose a lesson, quiz, or the Help Pages and quickly go there.


To print any page of the teacher’s edition, select the Print icon on the toolbar. Take note of the page number.

When the print screen appears, a checkmark will indicate the page you are on. You can then select multiple pages to print.


Another useful feature is the Help tab on the S²TaR Center landing page. This tab contains PDF documents with step-by-step directions for using various sections of the S²TaR Center, as well as information about Digital Quizzes for CC Math and CC English.




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