Football Math

Are you ready for some football?  You and your students don’t have to wait until Sunday; you can play football any day of the week with Simple Solutions Football Math.  Upper-level students will use what they’ve learned in CCSS 4.MD.3 to covert yards, feet, and inches to find the perimeter and area of a regulation […]

Simple Solutions Wants to Know: How Big Is Our Earth?

How Big is our Earth?   We know planet Earth is big.  But how big is our Earth?  At the equator, the Earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles.  That is 131,477,280 feet or 1,577,727,360 inches around!  Use this information to help you solve the Simple Solutions Earth Day activity.  Find out how big our Earth is […]

Simple Solutions Shines the light on Fourth Grade Common Core Math!

The items in each lesson are aligned directly with the CCSS. Teachers will always know which standard is being assessed. The Topic Guide shows the order in which the standards are introduced. The At A Glance pages are written by teachers, for teachers. These pages deconstruct each standard into an easy-to-understand format. Teachers will know […]