Summer Solutions

Where Do YOU do Summer Solutions Lessons?

Summer Vacation has arrived, and students everywhere are using Summer Solutions to avoid the “Summer Learning Slide!”  A few parents even sent us pictures of their children doing the lessons.  The photos were too cute NOT to share! The Keough boys start their day by taking 10 minutes or so right after breakfast to do […]

Baseball Blog Response

Wow!  We have had such a great response to the baseball blog!  Tomorrow, the next blog in our extendED summer series will be posted, but before that happens, we wanted to share some of the fantastic things people have told us about Baseball Math. First I would like to introduce you to the Moore kids. […]

Ohio LOVES Math

  Last month I was speaking at my children’s school PTA meeting about Summer Learning Loss.  After the meeting a parent came up to me and told me how impressed she was with the Summer Solutions program, but what really excited her was that  Bright Ideas Press (the publisher of Simple Solutions) is a local […]

PTAs Trying to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer Learning Loss Prevention! Last night I did something I have never done before.  I spoke at my children’s school PTA meeting.  I wanted to tell them about the wonderful Summer Solutions program we have here at Bright Ideas Press. I am not much of a “sales” person.  I am a teacher.  Although I would […]

Teacher Blogs Wanted!

Specifically, Bloggers Wanted!  Teacher and friend of Simple Solutions, Melissa  Larrisey, wrote a wonderful blog post about us that was heartening  to read! Her post inspired us to create a blogroll (you’re our inaugural member, Melissa!) and to look for more classroom teachers who use Simple Solutions. So, for all of you blogging teachers, this is […]

Coordinating Pumpkin Pictures

  Look at the surprise that I found in my inbox this morning!  This is Mrs. Limestoll’s 8th grade Algebra I class.  They completed the Coordinating Pumpkin math activity last week. The finished products look spooktacular! I was thrilled that they sent in the pictures of the finished products.  If you complete the Coordinating Pumpkin activity […]

More Summer Solutions Scholars!

In August, Bright Ideas Press introduced you to our first ever Summer Solutions Scholars.  Recently I received pictures of these beautiful girls spending minutes a day working on their Summer Solutions.  I want to introduce you to these new Summer Solutions Scholars. Megan and Emma are sisters who worked on Level 2 Summer Solutions in […]

new school

Great Things!

“For me, it’s been a great year, but my mind is already on next year because of all the great things that we’ll be doing.” ~Principal Donna Weber, St. Ann Catholic School, Hamilton, Ohio Using Simple Solutions is one of the “great things” that St. Ann’s students will be doing this school year. Read the […]

A weekend interview with Gary Huggins, CEO of the National Summer Learning Association

The National Summer Learning Association has a long history of battling the summer learning slide.  Here is an interview with the association’s current CEO. A weekend interview with Gary Huggins, CEO of the National Summer Learning Association School’s out for summer. Some kids might not crack open a book for weeks. That’s to their disadvantage, though. For […]

A Simple Solutions Success Story

  It’s the time of year all teachers love… the end of the year!!   The funny part is, I don’t love this time of year for the reasons you think I do.  Sure the weather is getting nice, and the countdown to summer vacation is in the single digits, but that is not why I […]