We are always improving!

You spoke, we listened! You told us the end of the school year can get a bit crazy. We heard you! We wanted to help. So this year, you can have the Summer Solutions books shipped directly to students’ homes. Check out our new option! You Choose – Everyone’s a Winner! Contact:Judy at 1-877-382-7537 or […]

STOP! You still have time!

  There isn’t much time, but there IS TIME.  Order your Summer Solutions books.  It is not too late to prevent summer learning loss. To order, go to www.summersolutions.net;  for $14.99 and minutes a day, your student can start next year right where they left off!

Don’t be a day late and a dollar short!

Look at all of the Summer Solutions orders came in just last night!  Many of our schools are taking advantage our dollar back program.  Today is the LAST day for you to order your Summer Solutions books and still earn money for your school.  Of course you can still order after that, but why wait?  […]

Summer Learning Is Important!

Just a few minutes a day.  That is all it takes with Summer Solutions.  This will help your child retain the skills and concepts learned in school this past year.  This leaves plenty of time for summer fun!! Why is summer learning so important?  Research spanning 100 years1 shows that students typically score lower on […]

Summer Solutions Gives Back!

Here at Summer Solutions, we live to give back to our schools and communities. Between our Dollar Back program, our school codes, our wide range of subjects, and our commitment to stopping the summer learning slide, we never get tired of giving back. With a school code, Summer Solutions gives back to your school in […]