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Summer Solutions at the Dance Studio


Ella and Nadia are great Hip Hop dancers.  During the summer, they spend hours each week at dance classes practicing their technique.  The dance instructor knows that these summer classes are extremely important.  When the girls begin new classes in the fall, they won’t have to waste valuable time re-learning old dance combinations, and the instructors will be able to start with new routines right away.  By the time the first dance competition rolls around, their routine will be award-winning!

Ella’s and Nadia’s parents know that the same principle applies to their academics.  During the summer, the girls work on the 3rd Grade Summer Solutions book to practice the math skills they learned during the past school year.  Unlike dance, it does not take hours a week; they spend just minutes a day doing each lesson.  When they return to school, Ella and Nadia will not need to spend the first few weeks reviewing old material but will be ready to jump right into the challenges of fourth grade!  These girls even find time between dance classes to work on their lessons!!  They are not only talented, but smart too!!


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Lori L does many things here at Simple Solutions, including writing blogs and math problems. She has an Elementary Education degree from Cleveland State University and taught many grades during her 15 years at St. Paschal Baylon School in Ohio, the first school that ever used Simple Solutions. She and her husband have two amazing children. She loves all things Cleveland including the Cleveland Ballet, Cavs, Indians, and even the Browns.

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