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Summer learning loss doesn’t have to happen

Summer learning loss is a real problem, but where there’s a will, there’s a way to address it. Government, public agencies and the private sector join together to create this innovative program.

Government, businesses and nonprofits coming together to help low-income kids in Baltimore keep up with more affluent students

While the summer can be a season of rest and relaxation, for too many low-income students in Baltimore, summer means idle time, boredom and “brain drain.” Research shows that many city kids dont read during the summer. They dont run and play. They dont get the same nutritious, balanced meals that they get during the school year.

By the time they return to school in the fall, low-income students without access to learning and recreational opportunities will be behind their more privileged peers. They come back having lost the equivalent of two months of math skills and more than that in reading. Each subsequent summer, the loss compounds. Summer learning loss is related to a persistent achievement gap between black and white students, higher school dropout rates and lower college attendance.

There is no doubt — summer matters.

You can read the entire article here.

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