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Something Free for Your Class This Year

Hey there, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teachers!

School starts soon, and if you’re like a lot of my friends, you’re looking for ways to “do more with less.” Okay, I’m not a fan of that euphemism either. Too often, teachers are told “there is no budget” for the high-quality instructional materials they need. Yet, they must deliver high-quality instruction – and do it every day.

I want to tell you about something that’s first-rate AND free for an entire school year. Then, I want to explain why it’s free.

First, what is it?

A year-long free trial of Simple Solutions and the Simple Solutions Approach*

Simple Solutions are supplemental workbooks with brief lessons for every day of the school year. There are separate books for math, language arts (English, reading, phonics, study skills), science, and social studies.

The Simple Solutions Approach is a daily routine of retrieval practice, meaningful feedback, and ongoing assessment.

It is a mechanism for long-term retention that

  • Supports any curriculum and can easily be used with just about any textbook
  • Takes minutes per day
  • Is ideal for use as homework or independent classwork
  • Does not require the teacher to change the way material is taught
  • Does not create more work for the teacher
  • Increases long-term retention, student self-confidence, and academic achievement

What do I get?

Each teacher / participating school gets

  • A single consumable workbook (choose Math, English, or Reading) for every child, one entire grade level per school
  • A Teacher Edition with answers, weekly quizzes, pre/posttest, etc.
  • Instructional resources (teacher support and additional retrieval practice activities)
  • A digital Worksheet Generator for creating customized practice pages
  • A webinar training session and ongoing support if needed

How long can I use the free materials?

An entire school year – that’s why it’s important to get onboard now. The best time to start is the first week of school!

Why is it free?

“Okay, what’s the catch?” you say. We believe in Simple Solutions, and we know it’s sometimes impossible for teachers to get funding for any product unless they can practically guarantee it works. This is your chance to try it out—really—with no cost or obligation to purchase in the future. Of course, we hope you’ll get the great results other schools have gotten and use the data to justify purchasing Simple Solutions next year. (By the way, Simple Solutions books cost just $13.75 or less per student.)

*The fine print: The Simple Solutions Free Trial is for grades 2 – 4 in schools that are new to Simple Solutions. The free trial is available for Math, English, or Reading only (one subject/workbook per child). Permission of a school administrator is required for the free trial.

 Why offer a year-long free trial?

We’ve been doing this for 15 years, and each year, schools that use Simple Solutions see amazing gains in student achievement. As a result, they become loyal customers. In fact, many proponents of our strategy admit they only tried it because the books were free, but now they really understand the value of the Simple Solutions Approach and would never stop using it.

Contact us for more information – or better yet, sign up for a Free Trial now, so you’ll have your books on the first day of school.

What does Simple Solutions have that’s free?

Visit our blog for downloadable lessons and activities you can use right now.

About the author

Nancy Tondy

Nancy is a former elementary teacher and gifted intervention specialist. She joined Simple Solutions in 2005 as co-author of the original English Grammar & Writing Mechanics series, and today, she manages our Writing Team. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys cooking, movies, biking, and travel.

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