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These math and science activities will have your students exploring time and matter while enjoying a cute puppy theme.  These are extensions to the lessons found in our 2nd grade Simple Solutions Common Core Math and Simple Solutions Science books that schools across the country are using.


This worksheet is based on Common Core State Standard 2.MD.7.   Students will practice telling time from analog clocks to the nearest five minutes.  This exercise prompts students to match the times on the analog clocks to the times on the digital clocks by drawing a line to connect them.   This standard is practiced in our Simple Solutions Grade 2 Common Core Math books.

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Continuing with the puppy theme, this worksheet will have students sorting different types of matter.  Students will cut out given words and decide if those words represent solids, liquids, or gases.  Once they have sorted the words, they can attach them to the paper with glue or tape.

(NOTE: This link takes you to what looks like Level 5 Science; just scroll down and you’ll see samples of level 2.)

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