Simple Solutions Teacher’s Editions

Welcome back, teachers!!

Teacher's Editions

August has arrived which means you are probably starting to think about organizing your classroom and academic materials for the upcoming school year. Simple Solutions digital teacher’s editions have everything you need to start the year off right.

A Road Map to A Successful School Year

Simple Solutions Teacher’s Editions are located in the Simple Solutions S²TaR center. They are included with each class set of books purchased. Inside you will find:

  • Topic Guides
  • Suggestions for Success
  • Pre/Post Tests
  • Help Pages

And so much more!!

Check out the quick videos below to take a closer look at the helpful information found in the Simple Solutions teacher’s editions.

Don’t use Simple Solutions yet? Here’s why you should!

Simple Solutions is teacher-friendly and takes minutes a day.

Teacher's Editions
  • Independent, standards-based practice increases time on task
  • Aligned, coded items make standards-based reporting easy
  • Digital quizzes provide instant feedback and actionable reports

Simple Solutions works! The Simple Solutions approach combines three powerful, research-based strategies.

  • Retrieval practice
  • Spacing
  • Interleaving

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See for yourself how the Simple Solutions Approach increases student understanding, boosts confidence, and leads to better grades and higher test scores. Teachers in grades 2–4 may sign up to use our materials for free. Submit your request and our staff will contact you to verify the grade and subject.

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