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Simple Solutions Shines the light on Second Grade Common Core Math!

Second Grade Common Core Math

The Simple Solutions approach has been proven to raise test scores, build student confidence, and improve long-term retention. Take a closer look, as we shine the light on Simple Solutions Common Core Math Grade 2 and all its features.

  • Students complete one lesson per day. Every item aligns with a Common Core State Standard and is coded to show its alignment. The teacher always knows which standard is being addressed.
  • Help Pages provide explanations and examples of the skills and concepts addressed in Simple Solutions. If students forget how to approach a problem, they just refer to the Help Pages. It is like having a teacher at home!
  • Students take a weekly quiz. Consistent and ongoing assessment allows students to show what they know. Teachers monitor students’ progress and plan future instruction. Over time, students approach quizzes and tests with greater confidence, and that increases academic achievement.
  • The Topic Guide lists the order in which standards are introduced. This helps teachers pace the introduction of new material.
  • The Common Core Unwrapped series is written by teachers, for teachers. These pages provide an easy-to-understand guide to the Common Core, including Mechanics of Instruction and Concept Mastery for each standard. They also include links to Web Resources that provide additional information, practice, and classroom activities.

To get you started, we have created a second grade Common Core Math activity you can use right now! Click on the links below for ways to introduce standard 2.NBT.4


Second Grade Common Core MathSecond Grade Common Core Math     Second Grade Common Core MathSecond Grade Common Core Math

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Lori L does many things here at Simple Solutions, including writing blogs and math problems. She has an Elementary Education degree from Cleveland State University and taught many grades during her 15 years at St. Paschal Baylon School in Ohio, the first school that ever used Simple Solutions. She and her husband have two amazing children. She loves all things Cleveland including the Cleveland Ballet, Cavs, Indians, and even the Browns.

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