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For more than a decade, teachers have eagerly embraced the Simple Solutions Approach, a method of teaching we first introduced to help students master mathematics. Over the years, we’ve incorporated the requests and suggestions of our customers from all parts of the United States and beyond. We are constantly working to provide the best teaching materials to support students as lifelong learners. Our Simple Solutions Kentucky Studies is a perfect example, with about 37 schools (approximately 1,400 students) taking advantage of our approach in the first year it was available. For information on a free pilot, contact Rafe at 877-382-7537.

Kentucky Studies applies the Simple Solutions Approach—solid instruction, daily distributed practice, and ongoing assessment—a proven strategy that promotes both mastery and long-term retention. The book aligns with Kentucky’s fourth grade academic standards for social studies and incorporates its five big ideas: geography, history, government, economics, and culture.

Features of Simple Solutions Kentucky Studies

  • 140 lessons that incorporate critical text-dependent questions
  • passages that correspond with fourth-grade reading level using Lexile® measures*
  • aligns with Fourth Grade Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies**
  • increases knowledge by presenting information in small bits
  • systematically revisits and reviews material over an entire school year to ensure long-term retention
  • enhances the Social Studies and/or Language Arts curricula
  • provides independent work, partner/group work, and whole-class instruction
  • summative assessments: pre-test, post-test, and quarterly assessments
  • formative assessments: quizzes to be administered after every five lessons
  • complimentary Teacher Resources, including puzzles, review games, graphic organizers, writing activities, and well-vetted websites that support the themes in the book

Visit our website to view sample lessons, Help Pages, and topic guides. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about Kentucky Studies and will consider using it in your school. For more information or to place your order, please contact us.

* Simple Solutions is a Certified Lexile® Partner.
** Kentucky Department of Education. June 2015. Kentucky Academic Standards. 

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Marge is a writer here at Simple Solutions. She has Elementary and Special Education degrees from Notre Dame College. For 17 years, she taught both second and third grades at St. Paschal Baylon School in Ohio, the first school to use Simple Solutions. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and visiting US National Parks with her husband.

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