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Pumpkin Recipe Math


It’s September 22, and that means fall has officially arrived. The leaves are starting to change, the air is getting crisper, and Friday nights have become high school football nights once again. With all of the great things that we associate with the fall, it is nearly impossible to imagine it without one thing: PUMPKINS! This year, why not incorporate some festive fall fun into your math or science lesson with a little pumpkin treat? Below you will find a recipe activity to teach your students about measurement and bring a little bit of fall flavor into your classroom.

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Looking for some more fall fun? Consider some of these other activities and ideas!

Pumpkin Seed Activities

  • Explore adjectives by having your students describe the inside of a pumpkin.
  • Learn about estimation by guessing how many seeds will be inside a pumpkin; how many seeds a student could hold in his/her hand; or how many seeds would someone need to put in a line to measure a distance, such as “how many seeds across is the desk?” Then, find the exact results.
  • Use pumpkin seeds to practice math skills by counting, grouping items into tens, twenties, or even hundreds, and completing basic addition and subtraction problems.
  • Roast pumpkin seeds and discuss how seeds and other fall foods, such as apples are healthy snacks.

Awesome Autumn Essay Prompts

  • Have students write a “how-to” essay about their favorite fall activities. Suggest ideas like: picking apples, carving pumpkins, or making the perfect leaf pile to jump into.
  • Have students write an essay in the style of a letter describing fall to someone. Students should assume the reader is someone who does not experience the fall season in the same way they do. Their essays should have detailed descriptions. Sentences may address topics such as the weather, the foods harvested, or the how their area, city, or region does or does not change during this season.



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