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Printing Simple Solutions: Easy as Pi

Add our free download to your measurement and “Pi Day” activities.

Ever wonder how Simple Solutions and Summer Solutions are made? Well, we’re lucky to have our own print team here in Beachwood, Ohio, that prints and binds our perfect bound books. At BIP Printing Solutions, Joe, Dave, Matt, and Dashi produce more than 450,000 books per year.

Our shop uses a lot of paper! On average, a book has 120 sheets of 8 ½ by 11-inch paper. The print shop produces about 3,000 books a day and uses one giant paper roll for every 746 books. When the roll gets down to 6 inches in diameter, it is removed from the printer and replaced with a new full roll. The 6-inch rolls are used by teachers, parents, and kids in all kinds of creative ways.*

Giant rolls are lined up in the print shop.
A full roll is loaded on the printer.
Joe stands beside the rolls before and after they are used.

Download our free math worksheet with practice in measurement conversion and circumference, just in time for Pi Day. Or, have your students come up with their own questions about print paper rolls and send them our way!

Click on the image to download the worksheet!

*Attention Cleveland-area teachers: We give away the small rolls to area schools and daycare facilities. Use them for everything from painting murals to covering tabletops. Please email Lori if you’re interested in getting these free paper rolls.

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