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Your Presidential Timeline Activity


presidentialWhile a child may know all about George Washington’s incident with a cherry tree, students often struggle to put historical events into the context of their world. To these children, George Washington is a distant figure who wore a powdered wig and lived in a house without electricity.

But children do understand the context of major events in their lives. Giving students the opportunity to discover how their personal histories overlap with American history may help them understand and appreciate their role in history. In this activity, students fit together authentic moments in their lives with events of historical significance, as shown on a timeline.


This engaging activity not only provides additional practice using timelines (See Level 5: Lesson #11 and Level 8: Lesson #9 of our Simple Solutions Social Studies series), but it meets CCSS RH6-8.7.

Hey! Teachers and Parents, you can do this activity, too…why not? Your personal presidential history will be remarkably different from those of your students’ or your child’s. Complete the worksheet yourself and compare!

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