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Presidential Pets Informational Research Activity / Writing Informational Text

presidential pets

Presidential families are just like us—they love their pets! Most of our presidents have had pets living with them at the White House. Their pets have included all kinds of animals! From President Benjamin Harrison’s pet goat named Whiskers, to Theodore Roosevelt’s pet pony named Algonquin, all were beloved pets!

For this informational research activity, students will first read a sample text about the Obama family’s dogs, Bo and Sunny. Then, they’ll do their own research about presidential pets that have lived in the White House and will write an informative/explanatory essay about the presidential pet(s) of their choice.

Going Further

For more information, visit these websites:
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Fact Monster: Presidential Pets
National Geographic Kids: Presidential Pets
Pet MD: Top Ten Strangest Presidential PetsThe White House Historical Association: Top Dogs at the White House
Time: Presidents and Their Dogs

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